A Day in the Life of a Media Coach/Spokesperson...

As a Media Coach, I would never recommend clients rush, shower, and prep for a broadcast interview in less than 40 minutes. But sometimes spokespeople don’t have a choice.

I should know. I did just that on Monday.

I was called in by the ABC affiliate in San Francisco to provide context on the correlation of domestic violence and guns in light of the Texas church mass shooting. Given I've done PR/Media Coaching for 20+ years and this is a topic I'm well versed in, I decided to go for it.

When you have a few minutes to prep for an interview, what do you do?

1. Envision your dream headline: Broadcast, print, podcast, whatever. The “headline” is the hook. Mine was, "Data shows an undeniable correlation between domestic violence abusers and mass shootings."

2. Create and deliver a few quotable quotes that support your headline:

-54% of mass shooters have a history of domestic violence abuse.

 -Guns and domestic violence are a deadline combination. 

3. Strong close - What do you want your audience to feel, think or do?

-Congress has passed no Federal laws since Sandy Hook. We need our elected officials to reject The NRA's deadly mission and protect American lives.

That's what I did during my lunch hour, what about you?


*Interview at 1:20