For over 20 years, Jen Reidy has created customized media coaching programs for CEOs and executives at global firms in a broad array of industries - AOL, Goldman Sachs, Autodesk, and Organic to name a few - as well as a long roster of early stage companies and non-profits. Unlike most coaches, Jen is also a frequent spokesperson, so she has a lot of empathy for those on the other side of the camera. Plus, she knows what journalists want, given her career in public relations. Known for her positive energy and partnership with clients, she delights in co-creating compelling narratives and helping clients deliver them with confidence. 

Through half or multi-day workshops, spokespeople improve their preparation, message refinement and content delivery. The result is positive coverage in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch, Fortune, VentureBeat and others. 

Jen addresses issues that all spokespeople face:
•   What makes and breaks a story
•   Identifying the most compelling and newsworthy assets
•   How to more clearly communicate your value proposition
•   Refine and deliver messages to get the story YOU want

Businesses find Jen's coaching especially powerful when:
•    They are gearing up for a company or product launch
•    An exec wants to roll up sleeves to master delivery
•    They are unsure messages will resonate with external audiences

About Us

Jen Reidy, Media Coaching Lead

Jen brings over 20 years of PR and media coaching experience to her role as the leader of the Media Coaching practice for Reidy Communications. She has lead PR programs and media coaching efforts for clients such as Autodesk, Mayfield, AOL Networks, Organic, 33Across, and numerous other companies.

Prior to founding Reidy Communications, Jen was a Vice President at Blanc & Otus PR for three years, working with a variety of technology and services companies such as Goldman Sachs, E*TRADE's enterprise group, as well as several start-ups. Prior to that, Jen managed PR for design software leader Autodesk for four years, working with (former) CEO Carol Bartz and also represented the company’s flagship product, AutoCAD. Jen started her PR career at Burson-Marsteller where she worked for several global brands.

When she’s not in coach mode, Jen spends a lot of her time as a media spokesperson, keynote speaker and local chapter leader for Moms Demand Action for GunSense in America. She has been featured in Marin Magazine, LA Times and The Sacramento Bee. She also coaches the local HS field hockey team, and is raising two daughters. When she's not doing all of that, she's feeding her addiction to tennis, hiking, skiing and baking.  



Client Examples


“Reidy's approach to media coaching is far from the typical 'cookie cutter' training methodology. Reidy delivers an engaging, 'roll up your sleeves', highly personalized experience. You feel and hear the results almost immediately. First hand, I've seen colleagues improve their delivery significantly.”

- Jeff Yoshimura, CMO, Elastic, and Big Data Marketer of the Year


“As a two-time Reidy client, I value Reidy's highly customized approach to media coaching. Not many coaches can dig in as efficiently on messages, create compelling narratives and partner with spokespeople to increase their confidence and ability to get the story they want.” 

- Allie Kline, CMO, AOL