Prepping for the Big Day-of-IPO with Elastic

It was a real treat to media train Shay Banon, the CEO of Elastic, for the company's recent IPO. His commitment to being authentic and sharing his gratitude with employees and 100s of thousands of developers was refreshing. While I can't take credit for the company's wildly successful trading on Day 1, I can share a few tips that will help you shine in your next high-stakes interview:

1. Prepare. Be ready for the expected and the unexpected. Cast a wide net on all of the good things and bad things that might happen. Build out a beefy Q&A. Pro tip: Human nature is to focus on the "tough Qs." Don't forget to practice responses to "positive softball" Qs that allow you to shine.

2. Practice your delivery. When you are crystal clear on the intended impact you wish to have (i.e. what do you want your audience to think, feel, or do), only then should you begin to refine your delivery. Commit to practicing in front of a mirror and a focus on what your audience needs to hear.

3. Be crisp. We prepped Shay for the tightest broadcast format, Jon Fortt of CNBC. Once he nailed that he was ready for longer form programs and anything that came his way.